A whole supply chain in one group

Ferrero Hazelnut Company, set up at the beginning of 2015, brings together under one structure only all the hazelnut supply chain activities: Ferrero own Agri farms, hazelnut outgrowing development, agronomic research and development, sourcing, industrial transformation, and sale of semi-finished and finished products hazelnut-based.
Ferrero Hazelnut Company aims at developing the hazelnut industry on a worldwide scale, thus presenting itself as benchmark for innovation, best farming practices and environmental sustainability.


The origins of an intuition

In the Langhe, hazelnut cultivation began in the ‘30s, in response to demand from confectioners in Turin who had started to produce “gianduiotto”, but it exploded after the war. Prior to this, no one understood the full potential of the hazelnut. There are enough, high quality nuts. A few months after the end of the conflict, Pietro Ferrero started making the Pasta Gianduja or Giandujot, a “sweet accompaniment” to use not only in the place of chocolate, but also salami and cheese.
Pietro Ferrero bought a hazelnut farm as a type of pilot company, at his own expense, he studied the optimal growth conditions for the nuts so that he could train farmers. The Ferrero Group continued to strengthen its presence in the hazelnut market, ensuring and improving the quality of this essential prime material and to guaranteeing a unique taste for products such as Nutella, Ferrero Rocher and Kinder Bueno. In 2015, the Group completed the purchase of the Turkish Oltan Group and the Italian Stelliferi Group, two of the world’s biggest commercial hazelnut traders.


A path of integration of hazelnut supply chain

The activities of Ferrero Hazelnut Company are:

  • Land acquisition, Ferrero farms and outgrowing: the activities of these three functional areas are strongly integrated: currently they all operate with the aim of expanding the growing of hazel trees on a global scale.
  • Agricultural research and innovation: a team of agronomists is dedicated to experimentation and to field work, with very advanced instruments and techniques.
  • Processing, Improvement e Industrial Quality: The HCo’s research and development (R&D) process is composed of two souls, independent but complementary. The first consists of the agronomic part, already illustrated previously; the second is focused on the hazelnut processing and transformation phases 
  • Global Trading: Procurement e B2B Sales & Marketing: The HCo is one of the main suppliers of the world hazelnut market, not only for the Ferrero Group but also for other large users. In this setting, all clients, including the Ferrero Group, can benefit from the investments made by the HCo in agricultural research, in the identification of new development areas, in the improvement of quality and in the programs to ensure production sustainability.


Not just numbers, but people.

HCo operates throughout the entire hazelnut supply chain, involving ever more employees, people and faces.

3000+ people work for Ferrero HCo
6 Ferrero farms around the world (Chile, Argentina, Georgia, South Africa, Australia and Serbia)
8 processing plants (5 in Turkey, 2 in Italy and 1 in Chile)
5 commercial units (Luxembourg Italy, Turkey, France and the UK)
150+ million companies involved
160,000+ tonnes of nuts produced annually
of which 108,000 exceed Ferrero’s quality requirements.

Ferrero Hazelnut Company is the first “integrated production supply chain company”, which manages hazelnut processing, from the producers to your table.